Virginia man keeps his word and splits his $230,000 lottery prize with his brother

A man from Virginia named Tim Conwell won $230,000 in the state's lottery game by getting five numbers right.

Instead of keeping all the money for himself, he chose to share it with his brother.

Tim Conwell, who lives in Tazewell County, got the winning numbers (3, 8, 10, 12, and 26) for Cash 5 with EZ Match on December 18.

He bought his ticket at the Virginia Hillbilly Market in Cedar Bluff.

Conwell said he had a deal with his brother, Steve, that if one of them won, they would split the money.

He kept his promise and shared the good news with his brother as soon as he woke up.

Cash 5 with EZ Match is a lottery game where the jackpot starts at least $100,000 and keeps growing.

If you pay an extra dollar for EZ Match, you get five random numbers, each with a prize of up to $500.